Stockade Boys

Stockade Boys is for boys in 3rd through 6th Grade and meets every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30pm, October through April.  The weekly Stockade meeting invovles a healthy dose of games, activities, group and personal achievement, and an emphasis on the Bible through stories and scripture memorization.  Also, throughout the year there are special group outings such as a boat trip and island adventure, visit to West Point hockey game, and a three day camping trip. 

Stockade also provides me (the leaders/Rangers) with the tools and opportunities needed to start building godly young men.  Boys are discipled toward Christ adn biblical manhood through a comprehensive process of life skills, physical and mental activities, fun, service, achievement, BIble memory and stories.  In the process, adult Christian men are also challenged to serve as role models and demonstarte Christian manhood in action.  Stockade has shown its ability to effectively assist a church in building disciples of Jesus at an early age!

For more information check out or contact Chief Ranger Nathan Tuttle at or 631-325-8986.
Nathan Tuttle, Director