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Hi parents and students! Here is some really important information and things to do before camp arrives.  Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks! 

1) SUPER IMPORTANT MEDICAL FORMS- This year these forms are all done online.  They must be completed, in full, to be able to come to camp.  Here is the link: NTS Camp at Houghton College. You probably have already received an email from Houghton College detailing this process and all the necessary steps.  If you haven’t seen that email, check your inbox. After reading that email, if you still have questions or hurdles, please let me know.


2) WHAT TO PACK?- See attached packing list below. Please remember our team color is BLUE, so bring as many blue outfits as possible.  Plan on wearing blue something every day! (If you don’t have that much Blue, Savers or other second-hand stores are a great place to grab some blue gear before camp).


3) DEPARTURE AND CHECK-IN- We will leave the church at 8am on Sunday, July 10th to depart for camp. Please show up 15 mins early to CHECK-IN and LOAD UP. We will be traveling together in the church bus (and possibly church van if needed). 


4) MEDICATIONS- All medications will be turned in to Jeremy at Check-in, then we will be administered by camp staff during camp. Please make sure everything is marked clearly and organized so it will be easy for the camp nurse to figure out. Thanks! 


5) RETURN TO CHURCH-  We will return to church at approximately 6pm on Friday, July 15th. Feel free to check in with your child to get updates on our arrival time.


6) EXTRA MONEY- Everything for the week is covered except for our travel meals.  On the way to camp, we will stop for lunch (Mall food court, or something like that), then on Sunday evening we will go to Subway in Houghton for dinner.  Then, on the way home we will have lunch (Mall food court). There is also an opportunity to give an offering at the end of the week.  This is great opportunity for our students to give towards a global project, but it is completely optional. Also, There is a camp store with shirts, candy, etc., if you want to send them with a few extra dollars for that, again, that is up to you.


7) JEREMY’S CELL PHONE-  My cell # is (631) 375-7159… If you need to reach me for anything prior or during camp this is the way to do it.


If you have any other questions, or need anything prior to departure please let me know. 


We are so excited for an amazing week of camp,


Jeremy Herr 

Pastor of Youth and Discipleship

Eastport Bible Church

(631) 375-7159

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