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We would love to have you join us by filling a shoebox with gifts to send to a child in need.  You can stop by our church all throughout the week to pick up a shoebox.  Each comes with a pamphlet of info and instructions for great items to pack.  Shoeboxes can then be dropped off all throughout the week of November 13-20th.  Packing a shoebox is fun for individuals, or families and friends can pack them together.  Check out our Collection Week schedule below.

EBC Collection Week

 Monday, 13th (4-7pm) Tuesday, 14th (9-11am) Wednesday, 15th  (9am-11am) 

Thursday, 16th (6-9pm) Friday, 17th (10am-12pm) Saturday, 18th (10am-2pm) 

Sunday, 19th (1-3pm) & (5-7pm); Monday, 20th (8am-11am).

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