We have shoe boxes for you to pack with items to make a child’s day.  

EBC is a collection site during the OCC National Collection week that will be November 15 to 22, 2021.  

Build A Shoebox Online

Click the picture below to check out our Build a Shoebox online option.  This is a contactless and safe alternative that will make a child's day!

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 11.31.18 PM.png

EBC Collection Week

 Monday, 15th (4-7pm) Tuesday, 16th (12-4pm) Wednesday, 17th  (9am-1pm) 

Thursday, 18th (6-9pm) Friday, 19th (10am-2pm) Saturday, 20th (10am-2pm) 

Sunday, 21st (12-2pm) & (4-6pm); Monday, 22nd (8am-11am).