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The Five Cs

We want to see lives changed for the glory of God. One helpful way to look at this process is through a model called the five C’s. The fives C’s are the Community, Crowd, Congregation, Committed, and the Core.

The 5 C’s are a desirable progression for spiritual growth:

Community > Crowd > Congregation > Committed > Core 

We seek to assist people in moving through these stages.

Community: those who live within driving distance of EBC, but have no connection to the church.

Crowd: those who have some limited contact with the church.

Congregation: those who are regularly attending services, and may have given their life toJesus Christ. 


Committed: those that are actively seeking to deepen their faith, regularly studying the Bible, and have some involvement in a church ministry.

Core: those who are leading, or ready to lead, ministries at church.

The target area of EBC is Eastport and its surrounding communities. In addition, we desire to impact the entire world through our support of local evangelism, and domestic and international Christian missions. Our goal is to be a Church of excellence in preaching and teaching, Christian education, youth ministries, and community outreach.

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